School Incursions

Language – Music – History – Stories

We select & perform short and exciting parts of our repertoire to delight and engage the students. We teach everyone some fun easy rhythms with body percussion, vocals and drum demonstrations. The students then get a change to play the rhythms on drums as individuals and in groups. There is always lots of laughter, smiling and interaction.

For culturally specific shows simple language and stories about our experiences abroad are included as well as plenty of opportunities for questions.


Music & Culture (Ongaku – Seikatsu)

  • Taiko Drums
  • Bell, Cymbal and Flute
  • Language as related to instrumentation
  • History and stories
  • Shakuhachi
  • Zen Buddhism



Music, Dance, Story & Culture (Musik – Tari – Cerita – Budaya)

  • Sumatran Frame Drums – Rapai/Rebana/Rebano
  • Double ended Gendang
  • Sumatran Gamelan – Talempong Pacik
  • Crazy Islamic Dance with Drums
  • Songs from Sumatra and Java
  • Stories and language


DRUM MADNESS – From Jakarta to Kyoto and beyond


  • Japanese Taiko Drums
  • African Djembe and Dun Dun
  • Japanese Bell, Cymbal, Block and Flute
  • Sumatran Frame Drums – Double ended Gendang
  • Fast bamboo island Log Drums
  • Snake charming Sumatran horns
  • Big interactive experience for a culture or music based incursion


  • Shows can have complete music focus and be culturally non specific
  • Show duration is for one period with 2 performers
  • Workshops for students of music or language can be arranged


Costing 2016

$7.50 80 – 149 (students)

$6.50 150 – 220  (students)

$6.00 220 – 299  (students)

$5.00 300 – 369  (students)

$4.00 370 -499  (students)

$3.00 500-799  (students)

$2.00 800 – 1000 (students)

  • Minimum 80 students or $500 flat fee for smaller groups
  • Shows in rural areas will include travel fee’s on top of show fee

Specialist Workshops

  • $20/participant (negotiable)
  • $10/Participant for larger groups

Minimum or Workshops

  • 15 students or $300 flat fee for smaller groups in Sydney Metropolitan
  • Duration is 1 school period


  • Rhythm World
  • African Drumming
  • Japanese Taiko Drumming
  • Indonesian Music
  • Body Percussion

The Rhythm Hunters are a world music performance group. Established in 2004, the group performs at music festivals, corporate events and in Schools.

Artistic director Rendra Freestone has been working in schools for 15 years as a teacher and performer. Rendra has toured every Australian state working under the banners of Nexus arts, Cultural Infusion, The Song Room, as a soloist and with The Rhythm Hunters.

Article on Rhythm Hunters in Schools

Students Beat A different Drum – Sun Herald Article

The Rhythm Hunters

Highlighted as a MUST SEE ACT at the National Folk Festival 2008

Selected for New Years Eve Countdown Concert, the Woodford Folk Festival 2009 – 2010

Please direct enquires to Rendra Freestone on 0410 471 474 or


The Rhythm Hunters at a Glance

The Rhythm Hunters are a force in world music specializing in dramatic physical drumming performances! Indigenous Islamic music from Indonesia, didgeridoo, western horns and modern textures form the platform for one of the most exciting music groups in Australia.

The group has a growing list of credentials including main-stage slots at Woodford Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, Dreaming Festival, National Multicultural Festival (ACT), Island Vibe Festival (Stradbroke Island), Mullumbimby Music Festival, Cairns Winter Solstice Festival (QLD), Winter Magic Festival (NSW), Cygnet Folk Festival (TAS) and Peat’s Ridge Music Festival.

The big ‘wow factor’ comes from the dramatic physical movement spectacle on taiko drums: alongside that is tuned bells, gongs, songs, didgeridoo, Indian harmonium, frenetic island log drumming and hints of West Africa.

More than a drumming group, joyfully executed compositions feature soaring melodies on soprano saxophone, sweet ethereal tones of shakuhachi and a range of wind instruments from Indonesia.

Artistic inspiration stems from the dream of celebrated multi-instrumentalist Rendra Freestone to create a visual fusion of Japanese Taiko drumming with indigenous folk music from the little known Islamic provinces of West Sumatra and Aceh, Indonesia.

Of Acehenese heritage, Rendra has developed Taiko drumming alongside the shamanic Sufi-like traditions of Indonesia into a show that has been wowing audiences nationwide.

It’s the combination of Taiko Drumming with their irresistible Indo-Pacific Groove that makes the Rhythm Hunters a group not to be missed!


For the past two years, I have had the privilege of enjoying being able to arrange Rhythm Hunters to come to our school. In July 2011 & July 2012, Rhythm Hunters created incursion experiences to inspire our students with the Music of Indonesia. In October 2011, Rhythm Hunters also did a rhythm workshop and performance with young people from the wider community at a holiday event that was co-organised with the staff at the Singleton Youth Venue.

I could not recommend Rhythm Hunters more highly. This is for a very wide range of reasons:

  1. Their professionalism and reliability in terms of making arrangements, meeting commitments as scheduled and surpassing expectations, in terms of the quality of performance and workshop that they delivered to students.
  2. The value for money of their incursion programs, in terms of the time made available to students, as well as the diverse, rich and unique nature of their musical experience, talents and instruments.
  3. Their incredible generosity in sharing their own unique, rare and valuable Indonesian musical with students.
  4. Their amazing musical talents and skills, which they generously & respectfully share with all students, with whom they work, regardless of their background and ability level.
  1. Their wonderful interpersonal skills, whereby they have the gift of being able to work in an inclusive manner to inspire students from a wide variety of backgrounds and ability levels.
  2. Their capacity to inspire young people and teach them skills through music, which inspire a sense of focus, purpose and discipline, that can only be achieved by what they create and workshop.
  3. Their ability to work in a positive and flexible manner together with many different groups of students, from a wide range of backgrounds and ability levels and inspire them to strive to achieve positive outcomes and break free of the limitations, which so many young people experience today in their lives.
  4. Their ability to communicate with young people in a respectful, positive and gentle yet firm manner, to break down the barriers of disengagement from learning that so many young people hide behind today,


I would also like to add that I respect Rhythm Hunters enormously for the way they are not only able to work with great passion and humility in everything that they do, but also with so much respect and sensitivity. As such, they are wonderful role models for our young people today. I do not hesitate to recommend Rhythm Hunters highly and would be happy to elaborate on anything that I have noted in this letter of recommendation.

Kim Hann, Teacher of LOTE, St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton 



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